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by Travis Hlavka

UPDATE: Unless you’re on a super tight budget… DO NOT buy the Whey Protein Concentrate High Grade.  It tastes awful and doesn’t mix good.  Get the WPC Super Grade if you are on a budget.  It’s only a couple bucks/lb more and MUCH BETTER!

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True Nutrition Ultra Recession Whey

50lbs of Ultra Recession Whey
They Have an Even Better Deal Now!

After I left New Zealand and came to America, I was SO disappointed with the protein that I used to think was the best.  The whey protein in NZ was amazing.  It mixed easily, and I could get it without a bunch of artificial crap in it.

Then I remembered True Nutrition Whey Protein and figured I’d give them a try.  WOW!  I was super impressed with the fact that I could get straight protein with no crap in it and it mixed so easy without clumping.

Normally I go in with a few buddies to get the best price and buy 50lbs of the Recession Ultra Whey Blend.  With my Code HLK926 plus shipping, it ends up being around $33 per 5lbs.  Awesome deal!

UPDATE: As of August 31, 2012, the Recession whey bulk protein has been discontinued.  HOWEVER, they came up with an even better deal and you don’t need to buy in 25lb increments anymore.  Now you can can get “Whey Protein Concentrate – High Grade” for $5.99/lb ($5.69/lb for 16+ lbs).  Plus, if you use my Code HLK926, you could save 5%.

Yeah, I know some people think the recession blends are crap, but I like them, and I especially like the price.  I do use other types of protein, but for my every day use in between meals with snacks, I use the recession blend.

Paraphrased from True Nutrition’s About Page:

Our Aim: To generate a following as well as consumer following in the athletic, exercise, bodybuilding as well as wellness world not on complicated marketing schemes, but solely on a reputation as the business to go to, to locate the greatest top quality dietary supplements recognized by the public.

True Nutrition was founded on the values of the consumer, not the manager’s pockets. True Nutrition definitely avoids cutting corners when it relates to an items high quality, product validity period, and product manufacturing. Unlike several other providers in the sector we hold the consumers to the utmost significance.

From the beginning of business years back, we have actually been obsessed with our mission in giving the highest quality and best performing protein supplements as well as supplements at the flat out most reasonable rate. We are able to give these products to you at such fabulous prices due to the fact that we do not pay for significant marketing expenses, fancy logos, sophisticated advertising programs, and all the bells as well as whistles that a normal retail supplement businesses take on.

True Nutrition also holds our client service to the very same degree as product quality. We recognize the attributes of raw materials can easily be complex as well as we pride ourselves on showing each consumer we definitely do love their business by going above and beyond in providing you the perfect solution you expect.

The reputation as well as track record of True Nutrition has actually been developed on word of mouth alone in the health as well as exercise industry…




Visit TrueNutrition.com & use the Code HLK926 at checkout to get 5% OFF on any size order of protein.


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Rick September 24, 2012 at 10:16

That picture of 50lbs of protein is insane!! How much protein do you eat?? WOW!

Thanks for the info bro!

Curious? Do you like the new whey protein concentrate high grade?



Travis Hlavka September 26, 2012 at 20:53

HAHA! I usually have around 5-6 servings per day on training days and 4-5 on non training days. However, I slack off a bit on weekends.

I am still waiting to try the “high grade”, but a friend told me it doesn’t mix very well unless you use a blender. The “super grade” mixes great and I think it’s the same as the old recession whey protein that I used to buy.

Glad I could help. :)


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