Strength Training Injuries are Better with Injury Butter

by Travis Hlavka on July 22, 2011

Ok, so I’m not using actual butter in my strength training, but I am using what I call “Injury Butter” made with Cayenne pepper.  Recently a friend reminded me of the health beni’s and I realized I had a bottle of caps so I decided to start taking them again.

Pre-Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV and I don’t want to be one and you should really not listen to any of my personal experimentation because yore probly fairly smurt and know better than to just go doing random things to your body.  I on the other hand am not so bright so I’ll try anything that pops in my head.

However, I also wanted to get some really hot cayenne powder for food and drinks and whatever.  The hotter the better.  The hottest I could find (without looking very hard) was 90,000 scoville units.

I know capsaicin is good for circulation, reducing inflammation, increased metabolism, bla bla, so I thought…. HEY!… I have a lil strain in my Quadratus Lumborum so maybe I can make a lil ointment rub stuff out of it.  (I think its my Quadratus Lumborum but I’m not 100%).

After doing a lil searching on the interwebs, I found something that mentioned mixing cayenne with cider vinegar.  (I can’t remember the site or I would give them credit).

Sooo, since I can’t just do what people say, I came up with my own recipe.  I used apple cider vinegar, cayenne, Hoe Hin white flower analgesic, and organic muscle ice.  Mixed them all together and viola, had a nice muscle rub that was toasty warm on my strain.

BEST PART!!  The heat seems to dissapear fairly quickly and not return…. UNTIL… your body starts heating up.  I was sitting on a couch at a coffee shop 6 hours after I applied the injury butter (and I forgot I had it on) when it kicked in.  The warmer I got, the warmer it got.

ALSO, the same thing happens when you workout.  I’ll put it on early in the morning, and when I hit the gym at 4:47pm, the fire kicks back in!  Verry KULE!

ALSO ALSO… I’m thinking of adding Ginger to the mix (cuz I need someone to rub it on me. haha).  Ok, I mean the spice ginger.

ANNND, this could probably help with the bicep pain from squatting too. I may have to try it on the bi’s next time they are tweaky.


Here are some pics and more details:

All Ingredients…


Hoe Hin White Flower Analgesic Balm.  It’s liquid and contains 40% wintergreen, 15% Menthol, and 6% Camphor.  (Not sure what’s in the other 39% but it smells great and works pretty good on it’s own.)  Only use a few drops of this since it’s a tiny bottle and I don’t have any more.

Muscle Ice by Peaceful Mountain out of Boulder, CO.  Just a couple small blobs.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.  Just a lil bit of this or it’s too runny.

And of course, Cayenne pepper (90k scoville units).  I do about 1/4 tsp

Mix it all up.  I only make about 1 tsp of the concoction.

When you rub it on, it will be super messy.  I let it sit and then dab it off with a napkin when it’s pretty dry.

Wet concoction…

Dry concoction….

And there you have it.  Now you can make your very own injury butter.  mmmmm, OM NOM NOM.

Post-Disclaimer:  Try at your own risk.  This is not medical advice and I’m not telling you this is safe.  It’s most likely a super uber terrible idea, but what the hell, I tried it anyway.  So again… Try this strength training injury butter at your own risk.

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