Zero to Douchebag in Under 30 Seconds

November 11, 2012

Have you helped an unknowing douchebag feel like a “real” douchebag lately??? In the following recant of one of my adventures at the ghyme (gym in layman’s terms), you will learn how to do just that. SCENARIO: There are 3 big mats for stretching. All were occupied (one by me). One person leaves, and at […]

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I did NOT want to workout (from April 2012)

October 12, 2012

From April 2012… I did NOT Want to Workout!  (But I did want to… What??) For the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to get my ass back in the ghyme.  (Gym, for all you non Simpson’s fans. haha) Up till the end of 2011 I was hitting it hard and making some great gains, but […]

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You’re Asking for Injury if You Stretch Too Much

August 18, 2012

Should you include stretching as part of your strength training to increase your flexibility?  If so, how much and when?  I have seen articles stating that any type of stretching is not good and I have seen articles that say you should stretch all the time.  So who do you listen to? If you’ve read […]

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I Pay for a Gym Membership but Haven’t Used it!

December 22, 2011

First off I’d like to let you know that you might be the ideal gym client.  By ideal, I mean… When you buy something, never use it, and then feel so guilty about it that you do nothing.  No working out, no cancelling your membership (because you “plan” to make time for fitness). Who’s fault […]

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Deadlifting Techniques (Full Stop vs. Touch & Go)

August 7, 2011

This post will only look at “full stop” vs “touch & go” when you’re deadlifting. Check out this video real quick and then read on…. (Current BW: 175.5lbs) I’m not going to get into conventional versus sumo style deadlifting (in detail). I think they both have a place in your workouts, but I personally prefer […]

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Cardio Machines Suck Arse

July 23, 2011

Yes, when it comes to strength training, or any training for that matter, cardio “machines” suck arse!  If they sucked balls or blew… Well then I would be on them ever day.  HEH HEH 😉 Anyway, this is just a lil rant about cardio machines and injuries and training in general. <Begin Cardio Machine Rant> […]

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Strength Training Injuries are Better with Injury Butter

July 22, 2011

Ok, so I’m not using actual butter in my strength training, but I am using what I call “Injury Butter” made with Cayenne pepper.  Recently a friend reminded me of the health beni’s and I realized I had a bottle of caps so I decided to start taking them again. Pre-Disclaimer:  I am not a […]

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Bicep Pain From Squatting

July 10, 2011

UPDATE October 31, 2011 —>  I have created a much more comprehensive article along with a video on the myofascial release exercises I do for my bicep pain from squatting.  The post below is still fairly informative however so check it out also. Click Here – Updated article with video on myofascial release (Bicep Pain […]

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Strange Terminological Terms I Use

January 31, 2011

Ok, So I use some reeeeally odd terminology for exercises because I get bored easily.  I’ll be updating this later with some links to actual pictures of what I’m talking about with definitions when needed.  Most of these terms were invented by my wkout partner but I did come up with a few myself.  So […]

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